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  • bloggingforauthors

Blogging For Authors

Have you considered blogging on your author website, but ruled it out in favor of starting your next book?  You may want to reconsider!

There are so many reasons to start blogging, whether you write fiction or non-fiction.  When should you […]

  • mic

Promote Your Book With Radio Media

Now that your book is written and published the task of promoting and selling is just beginning. That can be a daunting undertaking considering the number of new books being published these days. It is reported that Amazon’s Kindle Books […]

  • Should non-fiction authors blog?

Blogging For Non-Fiction Authors

As a nonfiction author, one of the scariest things you might have to do is start your own blog. Like it or not, the advantages and potential to reach target readers make blogging imperative for authors, no matter what the […]