Membership Levels

Basic Pro

Storage: 200 MB
Domain Mapping
Not Membership Enabled
Not Ecommerce Capable
Includes 3 premium plugins

Advanced Pro

Storage: 5 GB
Domain Mapping
Membership Enabled
Ecommerce Capable
Includes 6 premium plugins


Basic Pro Features

Theme Template Benefits:

  • Pre-customized and pre-built themes
  • Built-in plugins tailored for authors
  • Simple, yet powerful designs
  • Websites that look good on all devices (including Mobile)
  • Blog subscription form
  • Email list-building forms


Plugins Included:

  • Calendar
  • Shortcodes Ulimate
  • Google Analytics
  • Share Any
  • Jetpack (handy for autoposting & subscriptions)
  • Mailchimp integration


Additional Notes:

  • Themes and design optimized for effective book marketing.
  • Calendar plugin to keep track of your book signings and engagements
  • Track your traffic with Google Analytics!

Advanced Pro Features

Theme Template Benefits:

  • Pre-customized themes with simple and elegant layout
  • Designed with authors in mind to attract readers
  • Supplement your income with membership functionality
  • Sell products with your own shopping cart!


Plugins Included (Basic Pro plus below):

  • Marketpress Shopping Cart
  • Appointments
  • Membership
  • eNewsletter
  • Community


Additional Notes:

  • Turn your site into an ecommerce website
  • Keep track of your book signings and other events on your calendar
  • Charge for content on your own membership site
  • Send newsletters from your WordPress dashboard
  • Build a community of users on your site