Are You Ready to Build Your Author Platform?
Special Program for Writer’s Groups

It all begins with an effective author website.

This website will be the foundation for all your other online marketing strategies, including blogging, engaging in social media networks and audio/video promotional media.

Have you been holding back on creating your website?

Let’s face it, if you’re never built a website before, you may not have the technical knowledge to undertake that task, or even if you have the skills, you might choose to spend your time and energy on your primary activity–writing.

Words and Writers Has A Solution For You.

This is where can help you out. We specialize in creating author websites that are elegantly simple, yet packed with all the tools you need as an author to promote your writing products. We have created WordPress author templates that integrate all of the features you need, including:

  • pages to showcase and sell your books;
  • built-in blog subscription forms;
  • integration with the popular autoresponder (Mailchimp) to build your email list; and
  • premium plugins to help you carry out specialized functions such as showing your social media networks and author pages on Amazon and Goodreads.


And our author templates are “responsive,” meaning they will resize for any device and browser, from a desktop computer to a cell phone.

“It was pleasure working with Joe Jacobson to present a live 4-hour workshop for our writer’s group.  We had 15 writers who learned how to complete one of the author templates provided by I heard great feedback from the participants as they learned how to work with their new WordPress author website.” Alice Oldford, Gulf Coast Writers’s Association, Inc.

“Joe is a very patient instructor who understands that everyone learns at their own pace. He does not use technical jargon to explain the tasks we are undertaking. On top of this, he has produced over 20 video tutorials that cover every facet of completing the author templates.” Jean Olsen, author of 101 Creative Coconut Uses.

“I recommend Words and Writers to all the authors I help with their publishing needs. The author websites they offer are simple, yet elegant, with a focus on providing the author the functionality they need to start promoting their books and building their platform. A double benefit of the live website-building classes they offer is that the students learn the fundamentals of how to operate their WordPress website.” Barbara Dee, CEO of Suncoast Digital Press.

Example Author Website Templates

Author Websites for Writer's Group Members

Author Websites for Writer's Group MembersJean

Author Websites for Writer's Group Members


Author Websites for Writer's Group MembersGay