This website is built on a theme that is especially designed for authors. We continually strive to improve the effectiveness of the website so you can better promote your writing projects.

We start with a WordPress theme that is very customizable. You can start with a simple design and improve upon it as needed. Like most themes, you don’t need to learn code to manage your own WordPress website.

Here’s the process in getting your author website completed:

  1. Register at
  2. You will receive an email with details of the registration process such as your username, your login to the dashboard (admin area), and the URL where your site is being built.
  3. Next, our design team will work with you one-to-one to get your content into the site.
  4. Any customizations you desire will be completed at this time, along with custom layouts, color schemes and images.
  5. Some of the basic content you will provide will be such items as:
    1. Author bio;
    2. Copy for any other pages;
    3. Book covers, excerpts, sample chapter and reviews;
    4. Any media coverage you have received such as radio or TV interviews or print write-ups;
    5. Book trailers or other video;
    6. Social media links;
    7. Welcome blog post;
    8. Contact information; and
    9. Any other content you wish to use.


Here are some features your author website will include:

  • Mobile-friendly and responsive to all screen sizes from desktops to tablets to cell phones;
  • Custom header to help you brand yourself as an author;
  • Inclusion of your social media icons so your visitors can connect and interact with you on your social platforms;
  • Basic pages such as:
    • About the author
    • Book(s) page
    • Media page
    • Calendar page
    • Blog page
    • Reviews page
    • Testimonials page
    • Video/audio page
  • Special plugin to show a live feed of your Amazon reviews;
  • Live feeds from your social media on appropriate pages. Feeds like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Custom home page to feature your recent or coming-soon books;
  • Share buttons for social media at the bottom of pages and blog posts;
  • Blog subscription form (provided by Jetpack plugin);
  • MailChimp Subscription form (for building an email list);
  • Buy buttons for your books;
  • Autoposting of your blog posts to your social media profiles (Jetpack plugin)


Additional services with your registration:

  • Weekly backups of your entire site;
  • Domain mapping for your custom domain (purchased by you at a domain registrant);
  • All updates to the theme, plugins and WordPress software done for you;
  • Ongoing security scans to protect your site from hackers;
  • Ongoing support if you need additional customization in the future;
  • Access to over 30 video tutorials on basic WordPress operation available in your dashboard;