This course contains 31 step-by-step videos that will walk you through every detail necessary to complete your author website using a special author template provided by Start with the Instructions below and then watch the video lectures in order.

Getting Started And The Basics

Instructions For Beginning The Course

There are two ways to proceed:

  1. Register now to receive your author website and then watch the videos. The first video below will show you the registration process. If you choose this option, you can watch one video and then complete the steps shown in that video before moving on to the next video. Or you can watch all the videos once and then go back to each video to complete your site.
  2. Register later after watching all the videos to be certain that you have the skills and motivation to actually implement what you learn in the course to build your own website. If you decide that doing it yourself is more than you can handle at this time, you can always have us complete it for you.  Here is a link if you want us to complete your website.
Video Lecture 1: Register For Your Author Website
Video Lecture 2: Dashboard Tour
Video Lecture 3: Author Website Tour

Start Building Your Website

Video Lecture 4: Change the Site Title & Tagline
Video Lecture 5: Change the Page Background
Video Lecture 6: Add Content to the About Page
Video Lecture 7: Add Content to the Books Page
Video Lecture 8: Add Content to the Calendar Page
Video Lecture 9: Add Content to the Blog Page
Video Lecture 10: Create Custom Home Page
Video Lecture 11: Personalize Contact Form Settings

Explore What Can Be Placed In The Sidebar

Video Lecture 12: Sidebar: Featured Book Cover
Video Lecture 13: Sidebar: Miscellaneous Widgets
Video Lecture 14: Sidebar: YouTube Videos

Get To Know Your WordPress Theme

Video Lecture 15: Weaver Theme Tour
Video Lecture 16: Weaver Theme Customizations
Video Lecture 17: Weaver Theme Footer Information
Video Lecture 18: Weaver Theme Custom Header
Video Lecture 19: Weaver Shortcodes Social Buttons

Some Custom Additions To Your Author Website

Video Lecture 20: Custom Menu
Video Lecture 21: Add Site Avatar
Video Lecture 22: Write Your First Blog With SEO
Video Lecture 23: Add Slider
Video Lecture 24: Embed YouTube Video on Page

Some Useful Modules Of The Jetpack Plugin

Video Lecture 25: Jetpack: Blog Subscription Form
Video Lecture 26: Jetpack: Set Up Autoposting With Publicize
Video Lecture 27: Jetpack: Set Up Facebook Like Box

Wrap Up

Video Lecture 28: Mailchimp Part 1 Set Up Account
Video Lecture 29: Mailchimp Part 2 Add Form to Site
Video Lecture 30: Map Your Domain

If you are ready to purchase a domain name, click here now.

Video Lecture 31: Set Up Google Analytics
Video Lecture 32: Putting It All Together Custom Home Page