Words and Writers Author Website One

Advanced Pro Website $495


Advanced Pro Website. Our web designers have the experience to build your custom website using our special author templates. With this option, you will receive a custom author website that includes advanced plugins for creating a membership site or an ecommerce site. You will also have premium plugins for creating a social community inside your website, offer More Info »

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Basic Pro Website $295


Basic Pro Website. Through WordsandWriters.com, you now can get started building your author platform with a custom website designed especially for writers using WordPress. You will be able to use a proven theme (Website template) that will allow you to start blogging about your book and other writing products. You’ll also be able to connect your More Info »

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Website Deposit $250


This is a deposit paid to get started on building your website. The remainder of the payment is set forth in the Agreement.

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Build Your Author Website

Build Your Author Website Course


Learn how to build your website with minimal technical skills using an author template. You’ll also learn how to integrate author marketing strategies into the structure of your site. A Painless Solution to Building the Foundation of Your Author Platform Whether you are self-published or have a traditional publisher, you need a website to market your books. Most publishers will tell you that you have to build your own platform: you have to blog regularly; you must try to connect with your target audience; you must build followers and friends on social media; and you must build an email list for ongoing contact with potential readers and buyers. More Info »

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SSL Certificate


$30/Year Here are the top reasons to have your site protected with a SSL Certificate: 1. Encrypts Sensitive Information 2. Protects You From Cyber attacks 3. Builds Trust & Brand Power Overall, it will also increase the credibility of your brand and your site will not be flagged by Google's Chrome browser.    

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